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  • Fast customer service
  • Signing up is simple and quick.
  • No mobile app
  • No Facebook registration
  • Free users have few messaging options.

LesbieDates: In-depth Review Details

User base:

Since its debut, LesbieDates has been the go-to place for lesbian individuals and couples to meet one another. The site provides a safe space for lesbians all around the globe to talk to one another. This LesbieDates review will examine the factors contributing to the site’s rising popularity.


LesbieDates User Reviews

“LesbieDates service is efficient and straightforward and yields positive dating outcomes. It has a simple design, and I was able to navigate the site easily.” – Claudia Todd

“To meet butch lesbians, I use LesbieDates. I’ve never seen so many different types of butch lesbians in one place before.” – Maria Kurt

“Even though I’m not tech savvy, I found nearby lesbians. You don’t have to be a tech guru before you can operate LesbieDates to find compatible singles near you.” – Elizabeth Roberts

Is LesbieDates Legit?

This dating service, LesbieDates, is 100% real.

How Does LesbieDates Function?

You sign up for this lesbian dating service and fill up your profile so the site’s AI can find compatible matches for you. Based on your preferences in age, region, eye color, culture, and more, LesbieDates will introduce you to compatible lesbians.

Member Structure

After signing up for Lesbiedates, you may begin browsing the members, but who exactly are these people? Our Lesbiedates review seeks to inform you about these members. It was no surprise to us that, being a lesbian-specific site, most of the members would also be female. LesbieDates attract 20-50k daily logins and have approximately half a million members. The audience for the site is the key to its sustained user growth.

LesbieDates Sign Up

You must register to create an account at Lesbiedates. We ensure you know all that goes into signing up and setting up an account. No one enjoys spending eternity filling out papers that ask for seemingly irrelevant details. Your age, gender, and email address (among other things) will be requested during registration. Your account is not set up until you submit this information and have completed the verification process.

Matchmaking on LesbieDates

Lesbiedates promises its customers will have a meaningful encounter while seeking love on the web. After signing up, you’ll be sent to the page, which features a grid of various profiles. According to your profile, these people are potential suitors. It’s an innovative, easy way to meet potential romantic partners without effort. The more specifics a user enters into their profile, the better the matching algorithm can locate matches that suit them.

Profile Quality

Any way you slice it, profiles provide a glimpse into the lives of the people they feature. You may get great value from these profiles since they are rather comprehensive. Therefore, participants must provide information about themselves, like their height, age, and location. Users may submit a brief introduction of themselves and details about the topics that interest them. Not only is it possible to post pictures at any time, but profiles may also be changed and updated.

App Review

LesbieDates doesn’t have a mobile app currently. On the contrary, we see it as a minor problem that can be easily fixed. The mobile site is a reflection of the desktop version and performs identically. As far as we know, this choice provides access to every available function and feature and is straightforward.

Design and Usability

Users expect to quickly send and receive messages, contact other users, and read profiles on a dating service. Everything is straightforward and aesthetically pleasing, thanks to the clever layout. It is an amazing platform since it is contemporary, fashionable, and unique in appearance. The reviews on Lesbiedates also have to take usability into account. This service is easy to use, so members can quickly find anything they want.

Special Features

Safe Mode: Users may control who can send them messages using this setting. It allows communications from verified users only.

Like Gallery: Users can quickly and easily locate their ideal partners by swiping across their profiles.

Flirtcast: You may use this function to send pre-written messages to prospective dates.

Security and Support

Surprisingly, utilizing a dating service is as safe as it gets. You may feel safe using LesbieDates thanks to the site’s SSL encryption, secure hosting, and helpful support staff. It’s not a feature offered by all dating platforms.

Prices and Costs

Lesbiedates is an inexpensive dating site since we know our users aren’t interested in paying more than they have to. You’ll pay less monthly if you sign up for a longer membership with this dating service.

  • One Day – $0.99 per day
  • One week – $0.39 per day
  • One month – $0.96 per day
  • Three Months – $0.54 per day

Cancellation of Account

As alluring as it may seem, no one needs a lifetime subscription to Lesbiedates. Account cancellation is a breeze thanks to each profile’s handy “settings” section. Users can go through a few hoops after they’ve chosen to deactivate their membership, and this simple method is quick and effective.

Experts’ Verdict

The possibilities and functionality of Lesbiedates are endless. The platform’s rates are reasonable and among the lowest in the industry. The sign-up process is quick and easy, the platform’s encryption is top-notch, and we’re amazed by how easy it is to make connections and new friends.


Is the Website Lesbiedates Reliable?

You can trust this to be a real website since it has the necessary safeguards.

Can I Ban Certain Users?

Sure, you can easily ban someone’s account, and you may block anyone by selecting their profile and the block button.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement to Join Lesbiedates?

If you want to use Lesbiedates, you’ll need to verify that you’re at least 18 years old.

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