Best Dating Sites for Over 60

Dating sites for seniors over 60 in the UK are one of the most popular online dating categories. In the last decade, the 60s became the new 40s, so now every senior enjoys a life full of excitement. Some seek love, some seek a flirt, but all of them find what they look for on one of the sites we’ll list below.

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With more than 9,000,000 users worldwide WantMature is a big senior dating site where you can meet singles from all around the world. It’s popular among singles older than 35 and on average ladies are younger than men on this site. Not every user is a senior, but all of them want to date somebody mature. The gender ratio is in slight disbalance because there are 55% of men on the site. Still, that isn’t stopping anybody from dating online and in-person all the time.

Special features:

  • Flirtcast
  • “Like Gallery”
  • Safe Mode
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

SeniorsToDate is a dating site for senior users who mainly come from English-speaking countries (the UK, USA, Canada, Australia). That’s a site you join when you want to meet a serious senior who’ll become your best friend and lover at the same time. Users are almost exclusively older than 45, most of them are older than 55. The site is popular among men and women, so finding dates and having fun is never a problem.

Special features:

  • Live Chat
  • Advanced Search


FlirtyMature is a senior dating site that’s very popular among men older than 55. 30% of all users on the site are males over 55. The whole gender ratio is 30% for the ladies, the rest (70%) are senior men. Both ladies and gentlemen join this dating site to find casual relationships. The site is LGBT-friendly, but most users are straight senior singles from the UK and the USA.

Special features:

  • “Like Gallery” – play a matchmaking game to find love sooner
  • Flirtcast – send the same message to more than 1 user at the time
  • Satisfaction Policy


Some senior dating services help their users find love, MaturesForFuck isn’t a site like that. It connects senior singles with younger people who’d love to feel their experience on their skin. A lot of senior users hook up with other members their age as well. There are more men than women on the site (65% to 35%). The dominant category is senior men older than 55, they make up 20% of the whole community.

Special features:

  • “Like Gallery”
  • Flirtcast is a senior dating site where men gather to meet mature hot ladies. The name might make you think this site is all about casual dating, but a lot of long-term relationships start on MeetMilfy too. Just a bit over a million profiles from seniors all around the world opens a lot of possibilities. The fact a lot of those seniors living in the UK makes this site even better.

Special features:

  • “Like Gallery”
  • Flirtcast


PassionMature is another senior dating site with a focus on casual dating. People who join PassionMature don’t want to spend years chatting, they want to meet each other in person to let the passion out. Most members are senior men, but there are a lot of ladies on the site as well. On average they are a bit younger than male users, but in the end, nobody cares about age there. Every senior who joins the site just wants to have fun, not read your birth certificate.

Special features:

  • Live Chat
  • Online Now – you can search other senior users based on their activity to get dates quicker

eHarmony isn’t exactly a senior dating site, but its community is huge and seniors make a decent part of it. That got eHarmony the spot on our list, but that wouldn’t be enough without their amazing service and success rate. Users join eHarmony to find serious relationships and love, so if you’re ready to look for somebody who’ll become your life-partner this site is the best among senior sites. Because of an app for Android and IOS, you won’t miss any messages when you’re on the go.

Special features:

  • Send a smile
  • What If?
  • Video Date
  • Send questions
  • Add to Favorites

What Are the Advantages of Dating Sites for Over 60?

If you’re a senior your chances to meet your perfect match are much higher on a dating site for people over 60 than on a regular site. Here are some of the reasons for that:

  • you’ll be among people your age – other users will understand your view of life and your humor (nothing kills a conversation faster than explaining everything you say because of the generational differences).
  • seniors don’t waste time – younger people sometimes spend months exchanging messages online before meeting in person. There is nothing wrong with that, but the statistic proved – an average senior dating site user meets matches in person sooner than younger users.
  • every senior dating site offers free creation of profiles – you can register, and create a profile for free so you get a better picture of the site’s community

Staying Safe Using Dating Sites for Over 60

Senior dating sites are overall 100% safe. Still, that doesn’t mean you can let your guard down and wander around like a butterfly. Every site we recommended above pays a lot of attention to safety, but from time to time some fake profiles go under the radar. You can report and block them, but more importantly – don’t give them (or anybody) any of your personal info.

Nobody needs to know where exactly you live when your credit card expires, and stuff like that. If somebody on the site asks you specific info like that, you may just ignore them to stay safe. There is a difference between not wasting time and running foolishly into the jaws of some senior scammer.

Are Dating Sites for Over 60 in UK Worth Your Time

We’re all unique and we have different needs, but when it comes to socialization, friendship, passion, and love, we’re all the same. Owners and users of senior dating sites in the UK know that. There are sites for different singles with different needs, but you too can find a site that’ll feel like home.

There won’t be any waste of time because you’ll have fun and meet new people. Regardless if you’re looking for somebody who’ll hold your hand until both of you ride to sunset or somebody who’ll scream your name until sunrise – the right dating site will help you get what you need.

How to Avoid Scams on Dating Sites for Over 60

We mentioned that senior dating is 100% safe in the UK, but there are still some people who create fake profiles to mess with real users. Luckily they are easily recognized because they don’t pay a lot of attention to details. You’ll recognize them because they’ll have really beautiful photos on profiles (some even upload photos from different people hoping that nobody will notice). They’ll be very straightforward with things they’re interested in and your personal data. Or they’ll ask you to lend them some money. In any of those cases, blocking and reporting is the best thing you can do. That will be your contribution to creating a healthy senior community on the site.

Finding Your Love Online

Nowadays everything is online, so avoiding searching for love online isn’t a wise thing to do. You can meet new singles on dating sites without leaving your home or wasting your time. The internet erases all the obstacles and makes finding love online easier than a walk in a park.

If you’ve been thinking about joining a senior dating site this list will help you decide which site suits you the best. It all depends on your desires. A serious relationship full of love, or casual flirting full of passion, it’s up to you.

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