Best Sugar Daddy Websites in the UK in 2022

Are you a youthful adult male who is up for rocking, rolling, and rollicking beneath the sheets with a young adult female? Or are you a lithe and lissome lady who is down with making merry behind the bedroom door with a gorgeous and gracious gentleman several years your senior? If you are either, but you are uneasily pursuing a mouth-wateringly, mind-blowing May-December romance in bricks-and-mortar places, relax! Turn to the World Wide Web to find, meet, and cavort with the one who wants to have the same sort of frolicking as yours. Especially if you are in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, rejoice because a myriad of BBW dating sites are waiting to bring you the perfect match and catch.

A plethora of paid and free dating platforms online are in place to satisfy your craving. The best sugar daddy Websites the UK provide for wet, wild, and willing people in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. These also satiate the hunger of adults in the neighbouring Crown Dependencies, as well as slake the thirst of those in several Commonwealth nations. All these cater to individuals searching for happy hookups, rip-roaring romances…or both!

The British culture generally does not look down on these virtual meeting rooms, so you have no reason to be apprehensive or to have reservations. As long as your chosen sugar daddy Website encourages you to be respectful to others online, you can have all the fun in the world with like-minded people.

Here are five (5) of the top online platforms for sugar daddies and sugar babies in the UK:

4.8 rating
Try IamNaughty for free!
4.8 rating
Try NaughtyDate for free!
Seeking Arrangement
3.0 rating
Try for free!
5.0 rating
Try TenderFling for free!
4.8 rating
Try GaysTryst for free!

Seeking Arrangement and SugarDaddyMeet pride themselves on optimized Web browsers and Android-downloadable apps. Meanwhile,,, and have responsive desktop and mobile versions, but these have no apps for either Android or iOS. No matter, all desktop and mobile versions are easy to log in to and navigate, so everything will work just fine. | A Great Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy Website

Member Base: 2M+ worldwide

UK User Population: 150K+ across the country

UK Gender Composition: 70% male, 30% female

UK Active Age Groups: 18-45

Price Plans

●     1 month – About GBP25.00

●     3 months – About GBP40.00

●     6 months – About GBP60.00


●     1.75M+ highly active users across the globe

●     125K+ highly active members in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland

●     Responsive desktop and mobile Website versions

●     Free unlimited sending of “Likes”

●     Free access to chat rooms


●     Payments in auto-renew mode by default

●     Premium subscription hard to cancel

●     Messaging not free

●     No app for Android and iOS is a vivacious virtual matchmaker that is one of the largest and most trusted dating sites around. It primarily serves adults who are into over-the-moon one-offs and, although it also delights those aching for ripping romances. A vibrant part of its population consists of sugar daddies and sugar babies, who are into incredible May-December intimacies.

In the UK, this online dating platform is popular among men and women from Generation Y (otherwise, the “Millennial” generation) and Gen Z. There are, however, a great number of Gen Xers and seniors who accord it their undivided attention because of the hale, hearty, and the happy hustle and bustle. The site is pro-diversity and pro-inclusion, not to mention nonjudgmental. It is cool cyberspace that warmly welcomes people of all races, gender identities, and bedroom-experience levels—as long as they conduct themselves properly. Additionally, it has vast room for monogamous and polyamorous daters.

On, there are seven mighty meaty males for every three flavorfully fleshy females. Free users and paying members consist of British nationals, expatriates, and foreign travellers who yearn for memorable dating experiences during their stay here. There are also wet, wild, willing, and wonderful adults in neighbouring Jersey, Guernsey, and the Isle of Man. is a part of the ginormous Together Networks global alliance that has been sweeping the dating world off its feet since the turn of the millennium. Being such, it has superior security, safety, and privacy systems to give everyone on board the ultimate online dating experience. Too, its customer-care teams are round-the-clock ready to resolve site-wide issues and investigate complaints on bad behaviour. | For Those Seeking Sweet and Spicy Escapes

Member Base: 1.5M+ worldwide

UK User Population: 125K+ across the country

UK Gender Composition: 65% male, 35% female

UK Active Age Groups: 18-55

Price Plans

●     3 days – About GBP2.50

●     1 month – About GBP30.00

●     3 months – About GBP50.00

●     6 months – About GBP80.00


●     1.25M+ highly active users across the globe

●     100K+ highly active members in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland

●     Streamlined desktop and optimized mobile versions

●     Free chats upon registration

●     Free sending of “Flirtcasts” and winks

●     Free access to chat rooms


●     Hard-to-end auto-renew premium subscription

●     No app for Android and iOS has been up and running for years, playing the role of virtual cyber-Cupid with efficiency and effectiveness. It caters to adult males and females who are into casual encounters, lasting romances, and other types of intimate relationships in between. One of its awesome and amazing qualities is its ability to match sugar daddies with sugar babies—the rapacious “manthers” and their ravishing lovers years their junior.

In the UK, this online lust and love venue buzzes with activity among people of any adult generation. It offers a liberating environment for Gen X, Baby Boomer, and Lucky Few lovers, who want to share their bedroom wisdom with their innocent, much-younger bedfellows.

Being a diverse, inclusive, and nonjudgmental network, it accommodates babes and blokes of any ethnic background, gender expression, and sexual preference. It has heterosexual users and LGBTQIA+ members, as well as singles and “taken” people.

The population is mainly composed of citizens and ex-pats. There are short-term visitors from abroad, though, who wish to savour the sweet juices of sugar-pie-honeybunch dating on this charming cheek of the European continent.

What makes truly special is its affordability. Premium plans do not cost an arm and a leg. Its 72-hour trial option will allow you to experience the full features and enjoy all benefits for less than a quid a day.

Like belongs in the humongous Together Networks global alliance trusted and relied on heavily by the LGBTQIA+ and heterosexual dating communities in dozens of countries and territories. It has state-of-the-art security, safety, and privacy nets, along with brilliant human help teams to address concerns immediately.

Seeking Arrangement | Where May Meets and Falls for December

Member Base: 15M+ worldwide

UK User Population: 2M+ across the country

UK Gender Composition: 50% male, 50% female

UK Active Age Groups: 21-45

Price Plans

●     1 month – About GBP75.00

●     3 months – About GBP200.00


●     10M+ highly active users across the globe

●     1M+ highly active members in the UK

●     Giant, nonjudgmental network

●     Free app download and install from Google Play

●     Free chat participation


●     Some scammy people on the site

●     No app available from Apple Store

A neat and nice niche site for sugar daddies and sugar mommies, as well as their sweet and spicy sugar babies, Seeking Arrangement brilliantly matches adults in incredible intimate relationships. Open 24/7 and available in at least 130 countries and territories (including the UK), it roars across the Seven Seas and throughout its subscribers’ inner sanctum. Its past Website address is “,” and its present URL is “”

Seeking Arrangement faithfully pairs mature people (singles and married ones alike) for great escapes behind the bedroom door. Sworn to keep a multicultural and unbigoted atmosphere, it takes in people of any race, creed, gender, sexual preference, and bedroom lifestyle. The main platform is English, but it has Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Chinese, and Korean versions.

In the UK, Seeking Arrangement spoils citizens and foreign residents as much as it does travellers from other countries who desire something unforgettable in mighty Old Blighty. Easy to access and navigate, this superb online dating platform is endeared to newcomers and seasoned subscribers from every adult generation. The population has hot-blooded gentlemen and ladies from the senior generations, and it also has wet, wild, and willing males and females from Generations X, Y, and Z.

Seeking Arrangement has been around for more than a decade to pleasure free users and paying members to the hilt. Its ultra-modern systems are well in place to provide security, safety, and privacy for all. Its highly reliable customer service, meanwhile, is available to fix problems on the site. Above all, it offers information on women’s rights, hypergamy, anti-sex trafficking, and other dating issues.

SugarDaddyMeet | The Joys of Honey-Dipped Dating

Member Base: 2M+ worldwide

UK User Population: 250K+ across the country

UK Gender Composition: 35% male, 65% female

UK Active Age Groups: 18-45

Price Plans

●     1 month – About GBP40.00

●     3 months – About GBP70.00

●     6 months – About GBP105.00


●     1M+ highly active users across the globe

●     175K+ highly active members in the UK

●     Vibrant, pro-diversity network

●     Free “Seek, Date, Match” app download from Google Play

●     Free sending of winks

●     Free replying to messages


●     No trial options

●     Occasional fake accounts

SugarDaddyMeet is a naughty but nifty niche site where splendid sugar daddies and their stunning sugar babies find one another. The Website efficiently and effectively pairs gentlemen, who are at the prime of their life, with ladies, who are years upon years (or decades upon decades) their junior. It throbs especially in the world’s 10 wealthiest countries, and it has its Google Play-downloadable “Seek, Date, Match” (or SDM) app for Android users on the go.

In the UK, SugarDaddyMeet caters to citizens and ex-pats to the max as much as it serves foreign visitors who are in the country to enjoy honey-dripping hookups and romances. It is a fine virtual hub that honours diversity, which means that this cyber-meeting place is open to adults of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds, spiritual and moral beliefs, social and sexual lifestyles.

As its name and philosophy suggest, SugarDaddyMeet has a population that mainly consists of Gen X and Baby Boomer men, not to mention Gen Z and Millennial women. Many of the male subscribers are widowers and bachelors, although some are taken but still wanting. Whatever their marital status, these mature males are not only testosterone-packed; they are also turbocharged with generosity in and out of the bedroom. Meanwhile, many of the female subscribers are seeking relationships involving lovers who can and will support their monetary and material needs. Some, however, are financially independent and are simply in search of their silver-haired knight in shining armour, wise confidant, and bedmate rolled into one.

SugarDaddyMeet has been part of the dating hustle and bustle for years, and it prides itself on modern technology to ensure the safety, security, and privacy of all subscribers. It also boasts a responsive help desk that deals with account-related issues and looks into reports of bad behaviour during login. | The Sweetest Route to May-December Romances

Member Base: 500K+ worldwide

UK User Population: 75K+ across the country

UK Gender Composition: 45% male, 55% female

UK Active Age Groups: 21-65

Price Plans

●     1 month – About GBP20.00 (Platinum)

●     1 month – About GBP25.00 (Diamond)


●     250K+ highly active users across the globe

●     50K+ highly active members in the UK

●     Free profile browsing

●     Free profile hiding or deactivation

●     Easy blocking of unwanted subscribers

●     Unlimited photo uploads

●     Discreet payment processing


●     No app for either Android or iOS

●     Some phoney accounts is a vivacious cyber-Cupid for super-mature males and fresh-as-spring females. It is a fun and fab niche dating site for adults who are into mouth-watering, mind-blowing May-December affairs and relationships. The Website has streamlined desktop and optimized mobile versions, so it does not need an Android or iOS app.

The dating site readily delivers sugar-relationship matches between the generous gentlemen (sugar daddies) and the lissome ladies (sugar babies). Its curated population primarily serves the United States and Canada, but it also caters to the UK and several other countries.

In England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, boasts a population of sugar daddies and sugar babies: blokes and babes craving no-strings-attached niftiness ‘neath the sheets, if not real romances that are for keeps. The online platform welcomes citizens, foreign residents, and visitors from abroad who all want a slice of May-December paradise on this charming cheek of Western Europe. It is pro-diversity, pro-inclusion, and nonjudgmental, and its virtual doors are always open to basic and premium subscribers of any skin colour, body build, gender preference, and bedroom experience level.

Being easy to use, appeals to every adult generation. Free users and paying members include widower and never-been-married bachelor “manthers” aged 46 and above, husbands seeking an extramarital boost every so often, young MILFs wanting more, and single ladies ready to give their all in exchange for financial and social support. has the latest technology in place to shield subscribers from security, safety, and privacy threats during login. It also has a responsive help team to resolve site-related issues and investigate reports of suspicious activity.

SugarDaddy Dating Sites Tips

Want to start a sugar relationship and a honey-dripping lifestyle? Then, by all means, go!

Just remember these pointers if you are an aspiring sugar daddy or a wannabe sugar baby, and when you are ready for that marvellous May-December merriment:

#1- Choose the online dating platform that you believe will suit your desires and passions.

There are Websites and apps that serve the dating universe in general, and there are cyber-spaces created specifically for sugar relationships. Then there are sub-niches for sugar pies and honey bunches with kinks and fetishes, or for those who are into third-wheeling, swinging, and polyamory dating.

You may register with some or all to broaden your horizons, especially those that are free to try, then decide on the best sugar daddy website or app based on your experience.

#2- Make sure you are joining online dating platforms that are trustworthy.

Online dating requires due diligence because a lot of fraudulent activity can happen here. Do your research by reading reviews, and only sign up with platforms that have at least 50K active subscribers. Too, only consider platforms with tight security, safety, and privacy measures in place, not to mention a responsive customer support team.

But even if you have registered with trusted platforms, do not forget to keep your personal information (including your credit card details) to yourself. Never reveal this to anyone, not even to a potentially perfect match. It is not uncommon for scammers and extortionists to pose as ready lovers when it is your money they are really after.

#3- Read the terms and conditions, community guidelines, and privacy policy.

It pays to know what you are in for and how you must conduct yourself as a basic or premium subscriber of sugar-relationship Websites or apps. If you violate rules and regulations, you will be booted from these cyber-spaces for good.

#4- Be honest.

You need not give too much information about yourself. But be truthful about your physical appearance, educational background, marital status, material and nonmaterial desires. Never misrepresent yourself. And never upload photos and videos of people other than yourself.

FAQ | For Sugar Relationships in the UK and Elsewhere

Are Sugar Daddy Dating Sites Safe?

Yes. Generally speaking, sugar daddy dating sites and apps are safe, secure, and private. Still, you must be on guard at all times in order to protect yourself and your reputation from con artists and dangerous persons.

Can I Date Online Without Creating an Account on Sugar Daddy Dating Sites?

No, you cannot. You must create an account and build a profile on sugar daddy dating sites to participate in the matching process.

How Popular Are Sugar Daddy Dating Sites?

Sugar daddy dating sites are extremely popular, particularly those with tens of thousands (if not millions) of subscribers. The most trusted and the well-loved ones are free to try.