Best Trans Dating Sites UK in 2022

Have you got the hots for transgenders whose charm at once tantalizes and titillates? But are you too embarrassed and scared to even feel the throbbing need for their company? Shed your shame and fear already, then get up and be the real McCoy! Especially if you are in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, know that it is 100% all right—absolutely splendid, in fact—to go trans dating UK. Just be true to yourself, and you will not miss out on the opportunity to mix, mingle, and make merry with such beautiful persons: the UK, trans people.

There are dozens of London and Bristol dating sites, Glasgow and Edinburgh dating sites, Swansea and Newport dating sites, and Belfast and Derry dating sites. The British generally do not find the existence of these UK trans virtual meeting rooms immoral or illegal in general, so why be ashamed and afraid? As long as your chosen local dating site does not ask you to do others wrong, there is nothing to worry about. And as they say, the truth will out, so you had better reveal yourself in UK, trans style…

Here are the top five (5) online platforms that have been launched, with adult transgenders and their dashing beholders in mind:

4.8 rating
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4.5 rating
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AdultFriendFinder boasts a Website with streamlined desktop and optimized mobile versions that are easy to log in to and navigate. It also prides itself on a free app for devices running on either Android or iOS. GaysTryst also has a neat and nice site, but the app is only downloadable from Google Play. Meanwhile, TSDates and Transexual Date have a site but not an app and Surge only has an app installable from the Apple Store. In any case, these UK trans date sites and apps have plenty of terrific transsexuals who are ready to rock, roll, and rollick well behind the bedroom door. | A Splendid Way to Meet Fun UK, Trans

Member Base: 1M+ worldwide

UK User Population: 150K+ across the country

UK Active Age Groups: 26-55

Price Plans

●     3 days – About GBP5.00

●     1 month – About GBP30.00

●     3 months – About GBP50.00

●     6 months – About GBP55.00


●     600K+ highly active users across the globe

●     100K+ highly active members in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland

●     Affordable 72-hour trial option

●     No-frills registration

●     Well-designed desktop and mobile versions

●     Free sending of virtual winks


●     Hard-to-cancel auto-renew payments

●     Occasional bogus accounts

●     No free messaging

●     No iOS app is the virtual fairy godmother of adult gays and bi men that has been around for years. It delivers the perfect matches for free users and paying members, such as the UK, trans seeking frivolous one-offs, friendships with benefits, or lasting romantic relationships.

In the UK, much of the vibrancy on this online dating platform comes from the Generation Z’ers, the Gen Y’ers (also known as Millennials), and the Gen Xers. However, there are the kick-ass UK, trans people from the Baby Boomer and Lucky Few generations who also partake of the mighty meaty beefcake banquet.

The characteristic of the network is its nonjudgmental nature. It opens its doors to male-born adults of any skin colour, ethnic background, life philosophy, and gender expression. It embraces “plain gay” people, as well as the UK, trans: transgenders, transsexuals, bisexuals, cross-dressers, and others in between. This is as long as they follow the platform’s policies. accommodates citizens and expatriates alike, along with short-term foreign guests who desire an unforgettable UK visit. It also has residents of the nearby Crown Dependencies of Guernsey, Jersey, and the Isle of Man for its subscribers.

Premium plans are quite affordable. The 6-month (or 180-day) option is tops because it will let you relish the site’s whole the UK, trans dating kit and caboodle for about 30 pence (or less than one-third of a quid!) per day. is part of the colossal Together Networks global alliance, which is keen on satiating the hunger of the LGBTQIA+ and heterosexual community across dozens of countries and territories. It has advanced technologies to shield subscribers from security, safety, and privacy cyber-threats. Its human help teams are round-the-clock ready to investigate site-related complaints immediately.

TSDates | A Different Kind of Adult Spice and Sizzle

Member Base: 9M+ worldwide

UK User Population: 400K+ across the country

UK Gender Composition: 75% male, 25% female (including UK, trans)

UK Active Age Groups: 31-55

Price Plans

●     1 month – About GBP30.00

●     3 months – About GBP80.00

●     12 months – About GBP240.00


●     5M+ highly active users across the globe

●     1M+ highly active members in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland

●     For heterosexuals and LGBTQIA+ adults (including transsexuals)

●     Quick registration

●     Well-designed desktop and mobile versions

●     Free live-cam viewing

●     Free access to model chat rooms


●     No app for either iOS or Android

●     Some fake profiles

TSDates is a bubbly virtual hub that has been built around terrific transsexual hotties. It is a fast-emerging adult personals Website with a huge population of passionate prospects in love and in lust. It gleefully caters to adult hookup hunters seeking explosive excitement in private, not to mention mature men and women looking for longer-term intimate relationships.

In the UK, this online dating platform is widely embraced by Millennials and Gen Xers, although there are quite a number of Gen Z’ers and Baby Boomers who come here to get their fill of ecstasy-bound escapades. It is pro-diversity and pro-inclusion, as well as nonjudgmental, so it welcomes people of all races, ethnicities, creeds, gender orientations, and bedroom preferences—as long as they conduct themselves properly and respect others on the site.

Most UK trans on the site are singles desiring monogamous connections. There are, however, the more curious ones who will joyfully take the thrilling third-wheel role in ménages-à-trois cavorting. Then there are those who will happily be great playmates in fun-filled polyamorous UK trans games. Free users and paying members include citizens, foreign residents, and short-term visitors from abroad. There are also wild, willing, and wonderful adult boys and girls who are technically not in the UK but are staying in the nearby Crown Dependencies.

TSDates belongs in the group of dating platforms by Various (now the FriendFinder Network). Being such, it has advanced security, safety, and privacy nets for everybody’s protection. It also has a reliable customer-care desk available 24/7 to look into account-related issues and investigate reports of UK trans bad behaviour.

AdultFriendFinder | For Endless UK, Trans Hookups or Romances

Member Base: 80M+ worldwide

UK User Population: 8M+ across the country

UK Gender Composition: 70% male, 30% female (including UK, trans)

UK Active Age Groups: 26-55

Price Plans

●     1 month – About GBP30.00

●     3 months – About GBP60.00

●     12 months – About GBP175.00


●     25M+ highly active users across the globe

●     5M+ highly active members in the UK

●     Nonjudgmental mega-network

●     Free app download and install from Google Play and Apple Store

●     Free message reading

●     Free participation in chat and cam action


●     No trial options

●     Occasional bogus profiles

One of the most massive and intense sites in the dating universe, AdultFriendFinder swiftly solves problems tied to the pursuit of casual encounters and romantic relationships. It is on fire 24/7/365—make that 366 on a Leap Year.

Nicknamed “AFF,” AdultFriendFinder brilliantly matches adults who hunger for hot, heavy, and heavenly hookups, as well as those who thirst for incredible intimacies. Serving at least 40 countries and territories (including the UK, the Crown Dependencies, and the Commonwealth nations), this dating platform has streamlined desktop and optimized mobile versions, plus the UK, a trans app that runs on either Android or iOS.

In the UK, AdultFriendFinder pleasures citizens and ex-pats to the hilt as much as it endlessly pampers tourists who want to fall in love and in lust in the British wonderland. AFF is a cool virtual hub that faithfully maintains an unbigoted environment, and it warmly embraces subscribers of varying gender identities, sexual inclinations, and ethnic backgrounds. Bias and UK trans judgment are taboo here.

Being easy to access and navigate, this dating site (along with the app) appeals to heterosexuals and members of the LGBTQIA+ community from Generations X, Y, and Z. It does cater to seniors, too. The population boasts countless UK, trans: transsexuals, transgenders, cisgenders, and other beautiful male-born man-seekers who are headed for captivating “Khyber Pass” on this charming cheek of Western Europe.

Like above, AFF is part of the giant Together Networks global alliance that has been making waves in the heterosexual and LGBTQIA+ dating world since the early 2000s. Its state-of-the-art systems guard the security, safety, and privacy of UK, trans and other users, who all deserve an optimal dating experience. It also has a help desk that addresses site-wide concerns with urgency.

Surge | Generating Ecstasy-Bound Electricity Among Gay Men

Member Base: 2.5M+ worldwide

UK User Population: 250K+ across the country

UK Gender Composition: 80% male, 20% UK, trans

UK Active Age Groups: All

Price Plans

●     1 month – About GBP5.00

●     3 months – About GBP10.00

●     12 months – About GBP45.00


●     1.5M+ highly active users across the globe

●     200K+ highly active members in the UK

●     Diverse, inclusive, unbigoted population

●     Free app download and install for iOS devices

●     Free and easy account setup

●     Free giving of “Likes”


●     No trial options

●     Modifying dating preference not free

Surge is the power connection between and among gay people, including the UK, trans. It is an efficient and effective cyber-Cupid that pairs male-to-male sizzle seekers with like-minded locals in a jiffy.

Available for iOS devices, Surge pulsates and throbs 24/7 to slake the adult boys’ thirst for casual escapes or for-keeps intimate relationships! Up since 2015, this app (once known as “Lavender”) has been behind millions of matches that are either friendship with benefits or fairy-tale romances.

Surge opens its doors to singles who are wanting to mix and mingle, and it also accommodates polyamorous playmates. Being pro-diversity and pro-inclusion, this nonjudgmental virtual social hall has plenty of room for people of varying races, ethnicities, creeds, and dating preferences. Welcome here are plain-gay men, transsexuals, transgenders, cisgenders, cross-dressers, and other male-born marvels. This is as long as they are committed to behaving properly on the site and are of legal age.

In Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Surge platform is embraced dearly by the hot-blooded Gen Z’ers and Millennials. There are more senior subscribers, too, such as the UK, trans, who have lost their significant other for whatever reason. In any case, all free users and paying members are at once cool, warm, and hot!

The Surge dating circuit comprises citizens and ex-pats, not to mention short-term foreign visitors looking for unforgettable experiences here. There are also the UK trans locals staying in the nearby Crown Dependencies.

Despite its lack of trial options, Surge offers über-affordable monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans that give a boom-boom bang for the incurable UK trans dater’s pound.

Transsexual Date | Where Passions Flow in Sheer Abundance

Member Base: 3M+ worldwide

UK User Population: 100K+ across the country

UK Gender Composition: 70% male, 30% female (including UK, trans)

UK Active Age Groups: 26-55

Price Plans

●     1 month – About GBP30.00

●     3 months – About GBP60.00

●     12 months – About GBP175.00


●     2M+ highly active users across the globe

●     75K+ highly active members in the UK

●     Free message reading

●     Free chat and cam action


●     No app

●     Occasional fakes

Transsexual Date is an intense site for gay people who want their dazzling and delicious date mate, pronto! It provides matches between and among male-born persons who want to fall in love and in lust with abandon. It primarily serves the United States and Canada, although its magic has reached and cast a lovely spell on the UK, trans daters in the United Kingdom, the Crown Dependencies, and some Commonwealth nations.

In the UK, Transsexual Date showers citizens and ex-pats with prospects for over-the-moon one-offs, if not real romances that are for keeps. It also pleasures visitors from abroad who want to sample flavorful, testosterone-packed flesh on this side of the European continent. This online dating platform maintains an unbigoted UK, trans atmosphere, and it opens its doors wide to adult males of any skin colour and sexual inclination.

Being easy to use, Transsexual Date appeals to all adult generations, including those that are not too tech-savvy. The population is a merry mix of marvellous people: still-shy Gen Z closet queens, mouth-watering Millennial transgenders, captivating Gen X cross-dressers, bubbly Baby Boomer bisexuals, overt Lucky Few omnisexual, are only a few dating types.

Like and AdultFriendFinder above, Transsexual Dating belongs in the ginormous Together Networks global dating alliance. Its advanced systems are in place to give the security, safety, and privacy that the UK, trans subscribers and their admirers deserve. It also has a help desk to resolve account-related issues fast.

Who’s on Transgender Dating Sites?

Transgender dating sites usually have two distinct subscriber types: the transgenders and the men who love to be in and around them…and them alone. However, there are transgender dating sites that are open to other sorts of date mates: bisexuals, pansexuals, omnisexuals, non-conformists, and the gender-fluid (or gender-flexible) who are not strictly and exclusively into same-sex hookups and romances.

In the transgender-female dating setup, masculine partners have varying reasons for desiring sexually reassigned bodies. One reason could be the welcome absence of maddening drama, which tends to unfold quite easily when natural women are involved. Another reason could be that males just do not care less about sexual assignments at birth, as long as they love the person, the personality, and the company.

Challenges of Online Dating for Transgenders

Being non-traditional by society’s heterosexual standards, transgenders face a myriad of challenges, including:

●     Fear of Rejection

●     Susceptibility to Scams

●     Bullying

Fear of Rejection. Even if they are in generally nonjudgmental dating sites, transgenders always have a nagging feeling of being passed up by subscribers whom they fancy.

Susceptibility to Scams. Transgenders, particularly those who are new to online dating, could be vulnerable to swindling and other fraudulent schemes.

Bullying. Transgenders are easy targets of bullies. Their person and reputation are always at risk of being harmed, especially by homophobic and transphobic individuals.

When online dating, transgenders are advised to do the following to give themselves the best subscriber experience:

#1- Join reliable sites with tight safety, security, and privacy measures in place.

#2- Report offensive behaviour, suspicious activity, or other kinds of threats to customer support, if not the police, as soon as possible.

#3- Exercise care and caution at all times, whether on the site or offline.

FAQ | For Transgender Daters in the UK and Elsewhere

Are Trans Dating Sites Safe?

Yes. Transsexual and transgender dating sites and apps are safe, secure, and private in general. This is especially true of those with at least tens of thousands of subscribers who can attest to their dependability.

Can I Date Online Without Creating an Account on Trans Dating Sites?

No. You need a confirmed account on trans dating sites to find and meet your match in casual encounters or for-keeps relationships.

How Popular Are Trans Dating Sites?

In the UK, trans dating sites are popular, being able to offer a liberating environment for transgenders and their beholders. Best of all, the most trusted ones are free to try!