Best Adult Dating Sites

Whether or not you have a good time dating online depends heavily on the adult dating site you choose. You want an adult dating site with many users, so you have plenty of choices. You want a site with good profile construction options so that you can learn about your potential matches. You want a site that, if it charges money, gives you something worth what you’re paying. And you want a platform that has real users, not just spam profiles. You want an adult dating site with a good messaging interface, and some want a dating app for their mobile device, too.

Whether you’re looking for love or just some fun, there are plenty of adult sites from which to choose. But how do you know which site is for you? Which adult dating site has all the features you want? Which site has the right demographic of users you want? Which adult dating sites fit your budget? This article will help you choose by reviewing some of the many adult dating sites out there to help you decide which one is best.

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  • Sign-up process is easy
  • Can send messages for free
  • Good help and support
  • Full HTTPS encryption

The definition of a senior changes from region to region but many of us understand a “senior” to be an adult aged 65 or older. Many dating sites that are the best for seniors often include younger adults. On, for example, the recommended age range is 50 to 75. So while many of the users on this platform are not seniors, they fall into what’s loosely defined as the “mature adult demographic” when it comes to online dating. These include seniors and people who are maybe divorced, widowed, or just generally well-experienced in life and who are probably looking for something more than just physical beauty in a match.

And that touches on one of the major failings of the profiles are light on information. There’s no real way to share your personality type or your interests, so people can only go by looks. Furthermore, the site can be tricky to use. But the good news is there is an extensive help section to help you get the hang of it. Be careful of fake profiles and even scammers, as there are a fair few on this app. If you pay for a membership, you can download the app for iOS or Android, which demonstrates professionalism even if you don’t want to use a dating app. While it’s not perfect, is probably worth a try if you can spare the $0.99 per day three-day trial price.


  • Boasts a good-sized number of users
  • The good geographical search function
  • No anonymous accounts
  • Has a real customer service phone number you can call.

WantMatures is targeted towards two kinds of members: older adults and younger adults who want to date older adults. Most people on this site are in their 40’s, 50’s, or ‘60s. New users must supply their first and last names upon registering. This cuts back on the number of spam profiles, but it doesn’t even come close to getting rid of all the fake ones. All dating sites and apps have fake accounts and scammers, but WantMatures has a few more than average, which is worrying.

Furthermore, the free version is pretty useless. The good news is that the one-day $0.99 trial or a 7-day $7 trial are quite reasonable. There is a mobile app you can choose to use as well. The profile options aren’t great, so users are initially choosing matches largely on looks. However, WantMatures does boast one of the better search functions that allows you to find users near you.


  • More than 300,000 active users weekly
  • One of the easiest to use adult dating sites around
  • Good help and support options
  • Easy to cancel

On, the largest age group is 55+, but there are plenty of users in their 40’s, and a few users are even twenty-somethings interested in dating older adults. With 300,000 active users, has one of the larger memberships you’ll find, but the majority are in the United States, so people elsewhere might find it hard to find love, fun, or any matches in other countries. Some features are available for free, but you need to pay to use the site properly. There is no search algorithm, but other than that, the site has great usability. While has more than its fair share of fake profiles, that the company is so forthright and open and offers easy cancellation is reassuring.  However, one curious thing is that while there is an app, it’s not supported by Apple nor Google, so while you can download it to an Android device by other means, it’s probably unwise to do so.

  • Lower than average cost ($39.45 per month – promotional price)
  • Photos are required
  • Exclusively for gay men

While there are several all-purpose adult dating sites that gay men can use, many prefer to use a platform that caters to them specifically. The site is for gay adult men of all ages and backgrounds. It’s relatively cheap (at least the trial/promotional rates are), and all profiles require pictures, which is nice. However, beyond that, there’s not much positive to say. Buddygays has put in no effort to remove fake profiles and scammers from its site. Genuine members appear to be dwarfed by fake users, making this site a frustrating and, likely, fruitless endeavor. There is also no app.


  • Interesting live-chat function for real-time conversations
  • Private profiles
  • You can report spam profiles.

“MILF” stands for “Mother I’d Like to Fuck”, so this site is primarily intended to connect older women with younger men, seemingly for casual relationships. However, if you’re a mature lady looking for a young stud or vice versa, there are almost certainly better ways to do it than by using this site. Every site has fake profiles, but there are far too many fake and scam profiles on It’s also a bit expensive ($78.91 per month with recurring charges), and there is no app. The site is new, so maybe it will improve in time. But right now, it does not look promising.


  • The website is easy to navigate
  • Clean, modern design
  • Can send up to five messages for free is, ostensibly, intended to help mature adults, such as seniors or at least 40+ people, meet up for passionate relationships. Or maybe it’s meant to help younger people meet older people? But why are so many of the profiles of adults in their 30’s and even younger? The answer is, seemingly, because they’re fake. This platform doesn’t seem trustworthy. There is no app, and they repeatedly send messages trying to get you to sign up for a paid account. While there is a free account available, you can only send five messages, and you can’t read any replies. But don’t worry, none of those replies are likely to be genuine.

What Advantages do Adult Dating Sites Provide?

Trying to meet people in person is often nerve-wracking and futile. Adult dating sites are way more convenient and effective for many people.

Is it Hard to Stay Safe when Using Adult Dating Sites?

It isn’t hard to stay safe, but there will always be some risk involved when meeting strangers from the internet. If you’re unsure about somebody, have a phone conversation before meeting them. Your first date should always be in a public place.

Are UK Adult Dating Sites Worth Your Time?

Absolutely. Some adult dating sites and apps have pretty good membership across the globe. However, UK adults will often find benefits from using UK-specific dating sites.

How Can I Avoid Scams when Using Adult Dating Sites?

All adult dating sites will want you to use their paid membership services. But beware of any adult dating platform that pushes you too hard to sign up with a credit card. Always opt for a trial version first, just in case, and check for recurring charges. If you’re suspicious of a profile, remember the golden rule: if a member of an adult dating site seems too good to be true, they probably are.

Are Adult Dating Sites the Only Way of Finding Your Love Online?

No, adult dating sites aren’t the only way. You might be able to make a connection with somebody on social media or maybe in a form or a group or topic that you’re interested in. It’s always worth it to (respectfully) shoot your shot. But you’re far likelier to find love online with an adult dating site.