Obvious Signs She Likes You

Have you ever felt puzzled by the behavior of a woman you’re dating? Have you ever wondered if she actually likes you, or is she just being a nice human being and treating you with basic human decency? If these are all questions that have ever crossed your mind while you have been dating someone you fancy, then you should read through to get a clear idea of what liking looks like when it comes to women.

The dating scene is a hit-or-miss kind of thing. One moment you’re out there flirting with the girl next table, and the next, you’re joining a woman looking for older men dating sites. However you choose to find your date, you might feel a bit lost when trying to decipher a woman’s way of telling you that she is into you. To help you read signs correctly, we suggest 10 of those signs that will reveal the truth about them.

  1. Physical touch

Is she carelessly touching your forearm or finding any excuse to put her hands on you in a very discreet way? Well, she fancies you. Physical touch is one of the first signs, also suggested by different psychology researchers showing the other person cares. If she is affectionate and all love-Dovey while randomly touching you, she might be interested in you. Next time you meet, try to notice that and see for yourself.

  1. Initiates conversations

After having your first date, she will try to start conversations with you if she is interested in you. The topic won’t matter. She will try to talk about anything enough to get your attention and continue the conversation she started until you notice that you have spent all day talking to each other. It really won’t matter if it has been only 3 hours from the date; if she likes you, she will send a text even if it is to just ask you if you got home safely. Keep an eye open for this one.

  1. Laughing at your jokes

No, you might not be the funniest man alive, but if she likes you, she will make you feel so. If she laughs with your dad’s jokes, you’re doing something right, and we’re not talking about the choice of jokes. It really won’t matter to her what you say when you’re trying to make her laugh. She is just making it clear to you that she enjoys sharing a good laugh with you and loves all your silly jokes because she’s into you.

  1. Being playful

Is she looking at you a certain way while she’s carelessly fixing her hair, or is she touching her neck and shoulders while listening to you talk? Then, most definitely, she has a thing for you. Or even two. Women tend to be playful when trying to flirt with guys; that’s why next time you see her play with her hair, you can make your next move.

  1. Remembering your interests/ important things

If a woman really likes you, she will try her best to remember your interests and hobbies and will make sure to ask follow-up questions about them. The same is true also about other important things in your life, such as family members, pets, friends, etc. She will even read information about your hobbies, just so she can show she cares and is very attentive to what you say.

  1. Being available

When you ask her for another date or a quick meet-up, she immediately says yes; it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have other plans. She is just choosing to make you a priority and make herself available for you because she wants to spend more time getting to know you. She might act like she had nothing better to do, but the truth is she put you on top of her schedule. Enjoy that!

  1. Having important conversations

If she tries to talk about future plans, whether you like to get married or if you want to have kids, she’s definitely into you. By talking about important topics such as marriage, children, careers, etc, she is showing you that she might consider herself as your future partner and wants to know where you stand. Knowing your plans for the next 5 years is definitely a way to get to know you better and see if there is any room for her in your plans.

  1. Teasing you about other women

It’s no secret that women want to know if there is any competition when it comes to other women in your life. She wants to know if she’s the only one you’re talking to or if you have other women on the side. A woman will playfully ask you about other girls, and depending on what you say, she will plan her next move. Be careful to notice this, and say all the right things by being truthful to her and you.

  1. Asking your friends about you

If you are part of the same friend group, she will most likely ask your friends their opinion about you. This is her way of getting to know you through other people’s eyes and see what she’s in for. When she asks your best friends about you, it means that she’s also interested in knowing if you have done the same on the other end or not.

  1.  Being a bit nervous

If you see her blush or smile while she’s talking to you, she most probably likes you. If you’re out on a date and she starts to play with her hands nervously, or be a bit clumsy around you, means that she wants to make a good impression and is trying really hard to so. Try to make her feel comfortable around you, reassuring her that everything is ok and you’re both there to have a good time and get to know each other better.