• Dating platform dedicated to kinks and fetish dating.
  • Wide range of users' interests and ages.
  • Free registration without many security requirements.
  • The fast search option to narrow down matches.
  • Messages are free to send in a format similar to an email app.
  • You can find nearby dating users on the Perv Nearby option.
  • Profiles contain dating activity threads, a lot like a social media account.
  • Anything you do on the dating site is shown on your wall.
  • The lack of safety settings makes it vulnerable to dating fraud.
  • About 75% of FetLife users are male.
  • Most people on the site are between 25-34, so not a vast age diversity.
  • You cannot link your dating account to social media.
  • There isn't a dating app as such, although you can download it directly but only on Android phones.
  • The high proportion of non-responsive profiles or spam accounts.

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When it comes to fetish dating, FetLife is one of the most popular UK dating sites. With over half a million UK people on the site, and 7,000 new members a month, it’s a mixture of everything from BDSM to fetishes.

First Impression

FetLife dating is explicit, and NSFW so watch out where you’re opening the app!

The black background is a little intense, but then once you start using the Explore feed, you’ll see it does make the videos easier to watch since they stand out in colour contrast.

FetLife Interface

The interface takes a bit of getting used to – it’s all in black, and some of the letters are a pale grey, so they aren’t particularly easy to see. You can find features and tools along the top and left-hand side of the home page, but they aren’t that clear.

New users must join groups or find people to follow before seeing any content on their home page or news feed.

FetLife interface

FetLife Members

As we’ve explored, a lot of people on this kink-dating site are men:

  • Seven thousand new dating users join every month.
  • Over half a million dating members in the UK.
  • Site dominated by men, with only 25% women.
  • Most members of FetLife are aged between 25 and 34.
FetLife members

FetLife Sign Up/Login

Registering at FetLife dating is simple – follow these steps:

  1. Select Join FetLife, and fill in your nickname, gender, sexuality, role, DOB, location, email address and password.
  2. Next, you get a list of kinksters that the dating app thinks you might be interested in.
  3. You’re prompted to upload a photo, although it isn’t compulsory, and then need to verify your email address through a link sent by the dating site.
  4. That’s everything! From there, you can join groups, browse for people nearby, or scroll through the Kinky & Popular section.
FetLife sign up

Profiles Quality

Profiles on FetLife dating vary – some are jammed with content, videos and explicit videos; others contain zero information at all.

Options include adding entries to your journal, sharing a status, posting in groups and changing your gallery to include more images.

FetLife profile


Anybody on FetLife dating can message another member, and you can use the Explore tab to connect with people you’d like to get to know. Most FetLife users browse by location or a specific kink since there’s an awful lot covered here!

Some FetLife users have rules and guidelines they require before you contact them, and if you breach those guidelines, the responses can be unexpected.

Costs and Prices

Premium FetLife dating subscriptions cost:

  • Six months                         £30                       £5/month
  • One year                            £60                       £5/month
  • Two years                          £120                     £5/month

As you can see, the monthly cost is the same regardless of how long you register. However, a lifetime membership costs £240, and you won’t need to upgrade or renew again.

Free Account

Free mode allows FetLife dating users to:

  • Join groups and send direct messages.
  • View photos and videos that aren’t restricted.

Premium Account

Upgraded FetLife users can:

  • Find more information in their interaction archives.
  • View videos and photos most popular on FetLife.
  • Add a supporter/subscriber badge to their profile.

App & Mobile Version

There is a FetLife dating app, but you can’t find it on Apple or Google Play Stores. Instead, you have to download it directly from your Internet browser in APK format.

Privacy & Safety Features

FetLife is very explicit, and you might decide you want to keep your communications and activities private. If so, you have the option of filtering people out through your account settings.

Note that other members can post on your personal wall.

Our Experience on FetLife

FetLife dating is raucous, raunchy and perfect for dating site users who want something a little more adult than a standard online dating site. The black colour scheme is a bit unusual, but the primary site usage is watching adult videos, so it doesn’t impact the site’s usability.

Be warned; this is a sex fetish-dating site, so we’d advise you not to log in at work, in public, or during your commute!


Let’s answer the top questions about dating on FetLife!

Is There a Photo Verification Requirement on FetLife?

No, you don’t need to verify anything aside from your email address!

Can I See Who Likes Me on FetLife on a Free Account?

Members don’t send likes, but you can message and contact other users, even for free.

How Can I Block a User on FetLife?

Each account has a blocked list, so you can add someone by visiting their profile and selecting the ‘block member’ button.

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